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Project Dino

loves music since the beginning
loves electronic music since 1989
loves trance shortly after
loves his son 
and somehow everything around us…

Project Dino is the dream of my 12-year-old self to make wonderful music someday. 

33 years ago I was sitting in front of the TV with my parents and saw a report about the „hype“ techno and the parties that were still underground at that time. That drew me into the spell. As a newly minted teenager, my love for this music and the „technoid lifestyle“ was ignited. From now on, the school bag stayed at home. Instead, Mom’s vacuum cleaner was converted into a backpack with music coming out of the hose. My favorite disguise was a robot with music coming out of its telephone receiver, which was hanging on the side.

My parents supported me and drove me to events for which I was actually much too young, for which I am grateful to them with all my heart to this day. At school I was an outsider and in this „new“ world I immediately felt at home because it didn’t matter where you came from, what nationality you belonged to or what faith you had chosen for yourself. Over the years my love for music and the scene grew, I found friends with whom I could share my passion.

With the birth of my son and the love for him, the desire to realize my youthful dream and to create a musical project was born. By magic of a great producer and with the help of dear friends, somehow „Project Dino“ was born. So is our debut album „Music from where we go to“.

This is dedicated to my son. 



14.04. Album Release: Music from where we Go To

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